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  • What is PM2
  • Installation
  • Example Application Setup
  • Application Management with PM2
  • Why Use PM2
  • PM2 Use Cases
  • PM2 in Development
  • PM2 Environment Variables
  • PM2 Error Logs
  • PM2 in Production
  • What is Blue-Green Deployment?
  • How can Blue-Green Deployment be Implemented Using PM2?
  • Conclusion

What is PM2?

In this article, we are going to explore the PM2 process manager. We will start with an overview of how to install it and use it to get a basic Nodejs application ready for production within minutes. Then we will go on to see some of the benefits of using PM2. Finally, we will take a look at…

New and noteworthy projects taking rise on the Ethereum blockchain.

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  • Pros and Cons of an integrated Production and Development Setup
  • Prerequisites
  • Step 1 — Building a Node.js application
  • Step 2 — Designing a Production and Development Setup for high-speed Delivery
  • Step 3— Setting up Isolated Production and Development Databases
  • Conclusion


In order to develop and operate a web application, it is necessary to set up and maintain a server to run and develop the web application on. There are many ways to design and manage a development and production environment. Today, we will be looking at a setup that allows us to isolate development and production environments on the same…

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1. Find Longest String in List
2. Convert String to List of Characters
3. Convert Comma Separated String to List
4. Check if String Contains Substring from a List
5. Convert List of Characters to String
6. Remove Item from List (and also Remove First and Last Item from List)
7. Remove Duplicates from List
8. Check if List is Empty
9. Reverse Order of List

Python lists are a powerful built-in data type that can store items. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the common python list interview questions. Feel free to code…

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